Milton Area Christian Churches Working Together (MACCWT) is a registered Canadian charity and our primary purpose is to promote awareness of Christian values and practices within the larger community. We hope that your church will become  a member of MACCWT (only churches can be members), and send your representative to our monthly planning meetings. Your church’s financial and volunteer support will assist us to fulfill our mandate as defined by our Mission Statement, through a number of initiatives, including:

  • Annual publication and distribution of Church Directory information brochures through public information opportunities in Milton and the surrounding areas, including: sales offices for new homes, Milton Public Library, Milton Leisure Centre, Welcome Wagon, etc.
  • Maintenance of a website which provides information about our member churches, as well as activities and community events occurring in the churches in the Milton Area
  • Annual production of ‘On the Way to Bethlehem’, a four-evening live depiction of the Christmas story, held over the first weekend of Advent at Country Heritage Park
  • Teddy Bear Picnic for young families in the Milton community, hosted in late spring as an outreach event. This picnic is a free event with entertainment and activities geared to families with young children from toddlers to eight-year-olds. The Teddy Bear Picnic is an opportunity for churches and their volunteers to participate directly by offering a family-friendly activity or service (such as hosting the face-painting, etc.) and become VISIBLE to the young families in our community.
  • Annual CHRISTMAS DINNER for Milton Food Bank patrons is another community outreach hosted by Milton Christian Churches, with food donated and volunteers from many of our member churches.
  • Support for HOME SUITE HOPE MILTON, a new transitional housing initiative that gives Milton’s homeless individuals and families the space and the support they need to rebuild and reshape their lives with dignity.
MACCWT is continuing with its annual initiatives and we are always looking for and evaluating plans and activities for the future that will result in even more positive exposure for all of the Christian Churches in the Milton area, and we continue to need your support:

  •  Contribute financially to our projects annually (see Financial Support page for details)
  •  Send your representative to MACCWT regular monthly meetings
  •  Promote all MACCWT-sponsored events in your church community
  •  Encourage your congregation to become involved in these events, and suggest new projects

    MACCWT Fiscal year: April 1 – March 31