Transtional Housing Program

In 2010, Milton Area Christian Churches (MACCWT) created a new initiative to provide bridge accommodation, support and counselling to those in Milton who are experiencing housing crisis as they work towards securing a stable home. The Milton Transitional Housing program became a reality in July 2011 with a volunteer board and start-up funding support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. In the summer of 2012, the operation of this initiative was assumed by a new community-based not-for-profit corporation – Milton Transitional Housing Corp. MTH’s first participant was accepted into the program in February 2012. MTH’s mission is to provide innovative transitional affordable accommodation, offer options to achieve individual independence, and inspire hope for Milton’s families and individuals who are in housing crisis. 

Milton Transitional Housing offers HOPE to those in housing crisis

MACCWT continues to provide moral support and encouragement, as well as many volunteers for the work of MTH. 

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