Christmas Meal for the patrons of the Milton Food Bank

Since 2010, MACCWT has been hosting a Christmas dinner for the patrons of the Milton Food Bank, and the meal has become an event that our guests look forward to each Christmas. The meal includes traditional roast turkey with stuffing and gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables, a green salad and dessert. The meal is organized by MACCWT but is prepared and served by the churches that choose to participate in this holiday meal. Each participating church assumes responsibility for preparing one section of the meal, and/or by recruiting volunteers to help prepare and serve the dinner.


  • A Monday evening in December as close as possible to Christmas, with 2 sittings: 5:00pm and 6:30pm.
  • So far, all meals have been held at Grace Anglican Church, 317 Main Street East, Milton – in the lower hall.
  • 80 diners can be accommodated at each sitting.


The Salvation Army in Milton has the responsibility for handing out free tickets for the meal to the patrons of the Milton Food Bank, and the Salvation Army staff is on hand during the meal to welcome diners.


  • Each participating church volunteers to look after preparing one component of the meal at their own facility and delivering it HOT & READY TO EAT to Grace Anglican on the afternoon of Dec. 17, just in time to be served to our guests (between 4:15-4:30 for the first sitting, and between 5:15-5:30 for the second sitting).
  • Volunteers are recruited from participating churches (and sometimes the community at large) to fill specific roles during the meal which include:
    • Set up of tables, chairs, etc. (Day of meal from 10am until noon) – 6 volunteers needed
    • Buffet food servers – 5-6 people per sitting, depending on the exact menu for the meal (4:40–6:10 for first sitting, and 6:00–7:30 for second sitting)
    • Table servers – 5-6 people per sitting (4:40–6:10 for first sitting, and 6:00–7:30 for second sitting)
    • Clean-up crew – 3-4 people in the kitchen (7:30–8:30), and 3-4 people in the dining room (7:30–8:30)
    • “Warm Hands / Warm Hearts” table attendant(s) – distributing hats, mitts, scarves, gloves (4:30–6:30)
    • Toy Re-Store attendant(s) – distributing donated toys and children’s items (4:30–6:30)
    • Welcome & Thank you table – distributing colouring books, cookies, etc. to guests and thanking them for coming (first shift 4:30–5:45, second shift 5:45–7:00)