Milton Area Christian Churches Working Together (MACCWT) is a registered Canadian charity and our primary purpose is to promote awareness of Christian values and practices within the larger community. We hope that your church will become a member of MACCWT (only churches can be members), and send your representative to our monthly planning meetings. Your church’s financial and volunteer support will assist us to fulfill our mandate as defined by our Mission Statement, through a number of initiatives. Read More...

Mission Statement

“As a grassroots ecumenical body representing the Christian churches in the Milton area, our aim is to work cooperatively with common objectives, to support each other, to provide opportunities for greater service to our community, to grow together in our faith, and to be a loving witness for Jesus Christ.”

Financial Support

MEMBERS: The bylaws of MACCWT state that a “Member” is a recognized Christian church located within or near Milton, and that the “Board of Directors” is the body of people who have been selected to represent their churches with MACCWT.

If your church would like to become a member of Milton Area Christian Churches Working Together, please contact us.


Who Are We?

Milton Area Christian Churches Working Together (MACCWT) is a not-for-profit charity which includes most of the Christian churches in Milton and the surrounding area. An informal network of churches began meeting in 2001, and MACCWT was formally incorporated in May 2003. We then applied for status as a registered charity with Canada Revenue and became a registered Canadian charity  in 2004.

This site is one of several opportunities for the Christian Churches in Milton and Area to provide a welcome to the residents of Milton and to offer as much information about the local Christian community as possible. If you have questions, please contact us.