The House of David – Redeemed Christian Church of God in Canada

R.C.C.G. Center
348 Bronte St. S., Unit #6, Milton

Welcome to our service:

Tuesday – 7pm: Digging Deep
Friday – 10pm: Prayer Night Vigil (2nd Friday of every month)
Sunday – 10am: In His Presence

We are not just another church, we are The House of David, a place of refuge where people find LOVE, where God takes care of your infirmity and takes the burden off your shoulder. If you’re looking for a place of fellowship, to meet Like-Minded Christians and experience what true worship is, please join us in any of our services and your life will never remain the same!
Children Inspirational activities available in our Sunday school

For information and ride to any of our services please call

Have meaningful life – Make a difference!